A Division of Memorial MRI & Diagnostic

Up & Open Imaging is a state-of-the-art diagnostic imaging center featuring the Fonar Upright®, Multi-Positional™ MRI. Our machine is the most non-claustrophobic, fully open MRI machine in existence, offering a truly unique option for patients in need of testing. Providing services since 2003, our facility was the first of its kind to open in the DFW area.

Throughout the years, Up & Open Imaging has compassionately cared for thousands of patients within the metroplex and beyond. Our cutting edge technology has assisted countless physicians and medical providers in determining more accurate diagnoses and treatment plans within their practices.

The professional and friendly staff at Up & Open Imaging make customer satisfaction our top priority and continually strive to provide superior service. We disclose all necessary information when scheduling to help patients feel comfortable and fully prepared for what is to come.



Make Check In Easy

We are so glad that you have chosen Up & Open Imaging for your MRI needs. Our patients are our first priority, and your comfort and satisfaction is very important to us. We realize that medical tests of any kind can be very scary and intimidating, so knowing exactly what to expect in advance can go a long way in putting you at ease.

Let us help by simplifying your check-in process. The majority of paperwork required for your procedure can be printed ahead of time and completed prior to your appointment. Click the image for necessary forms and documents.



Physician Information & Login

Through the use of advanced medical technology, Up & Open Imaging provides esteemed radiologists within the Metroplex with immediate digital access to patient images allowing for rapid turnaround times. Reports will be available within 24 hours. STAT reads are available upon physician request.

We accept all PPO and POS plans, Worker’s Compensation, Letters of Protection (LOPs), and Personal Injury Protection (PIP) cases.  When possible, HMO plans with whom we are not contracted may be accepted pending pre-certification.

Just fax your patient’s demographics and insurance information, and our staff will do the rest!



Why Choose Upright?

While the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI is great for claustrophobic or very large individuals, its advantages far exceed what is necessary to accommodate such patients. In addition to its patient-friendly design, this machine offers unique and unmatched capabilities in weight-bearing and Multi-Position™ MRI imaging.

  • The machine is non-claustrophobic! There is no tube, and nothing goes in front of the patient’s face. It is completely “open” thus markedly reducing anxiety.
  • Patient comfort is a tremendous benefit of this machine. It is significantly quieter than a traditional MRI scanner, and because of its unique design, patients can watch a movie, live TV, or enjoy music of their choice during the scan.
  • The magnet has the ability to scan patients in weight-bearing positions which has enabled physicians to better detect problems so that solutions can be more readily found.   By placing weight on the spine or other joints in question, images can more accurately depict what is happening when the body is in a normal posture rather than a “lying down” position where weight does not affect the area of concern.
  • The FONAR Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI has the capability to scan patients in symptom specific postures.   By doing so, images can be captured to identify the issue in a more exact stature which can lead to improved overall treatment and surgical outcomes should surgery be needed.
  • Certain patients are unable to lie down due to medical issues or concerns. Additionally, some patients are too large to comfortably fit in a traditional MRI scanner. The FONAR Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI is ideal for these patients and can accommodate up to 500 pounds.