The FONAR Upright® MRI in the Dallas Metroplex

Since inception in 2003, Up & Open Imaging has performed over 32,000 exams, and has worked with upwards of 700 doctors in the metroplex and beyond. The capabilities of the FONAR Upright® MRI are being consistently examined within the medical community, and the acceptance of this “new” technology is growing widely. We are proud to be one of the only Upright® MRI units in the DFW area, and we are constantly working to keep our patients and referral sources 100% pleased with our service and images.

How does the FONAR Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI at Up & Open Imaging differ from traditional MRI scanners?

When our business was conceived, it was done with the notion that the medical community needed the superior technology of the FONAR Upright® Multi-Postion™ MRI to better diagnose and treat patients. See why this machine is advantageous.

The machine is non-claustrophobic! There is no tube, and nothing goes in front of the patient’s face. It is completely “open” thus markedly reducing anxiety.


Patient comfort is a tremendous benefit of this machine. It is significantly quieter than a traditional MRI scanner, and because of its unique design, patients can watch a movie, live TV, or enjoy music of their choice during the scan.


The magnet has the ability to scan patients in weight-bearing positions which enables physicians to better detect problems so that solutions can be more readily found. By placing weight on the spine or other joints in question, images can more accurately depict what is happening when the body is in a normal posture rather than a “lying down” position where weight does not affect the area of concern.


The FONAR Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI has the capability to scan patients in symptom specific postures.   By doing so, images can be captured to identify the issue in a more exact stature which can lead to improved overall treatment and surgical outcomes should surgery be needed.


Certain patients are unable to lie down due to medical issues or concerns. Additionally, some patients are too large to comfortably fit in a traditional MRI scanner. The FONAR Upright® Multi-Position™ MRI is ideal for these patients and can accommodate up to 500 pounds.

Machine Specifics from FONAR

The magnetic field strength of the FONAR UPRIGHT® Multi-Position™ MRI is 0.6 Tesla. At 0.6 Tesla, it is categorized as a “Mid-Field” MRI. Most other “Open / Lie Down” MRIs operate at 0.3 Tesla.

Many equate magnetic field strength to image quality – the higher the field, the better the image. All other things being equal, that is a fair statement. However, with the FONAR Upright® MRI, all other things are not equal, meaning that in comparing one MRI to another, field strength is only half of the story.

The magnetic configuration of the UPRIGHT® MRI is dramatically different from all other MRIs, both High-Field MRIs and “Open / Lie Down” MRIs. As a result, the UPRIGHT® MRI is able to use both solenoid and planar RF receiver coils. No other MRI can do this.


This explains why the UPRIGHT® MRI’s 0.6 Tesla images are competitive with 1.5 Tesla High-Field MRI images.