We are so glad that you have chosen Up & Open Imaging for your MRI needs.

Our patients are our first priority, and your comfort and satisfaction is very important to us. We realize that medical tests of any kind can be very scary and intimidating, so knowing exactly what to expect in advance can go a long way in putting you at ease.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for your MRI test. Please eat normally and take you medications as directed by your physician.

When you arrive at Up & Open Imaging, you will be greeted by one of our friendly front desk associates. Amy or Diana will present you with medical paperwork that is necessary for your procedure.  At this time you will also choose a movie or a television program that you would like to watch during your MRI. Once you have completed this paperwork, your insurance card and personal identification card will be photo-copied for your record. Our office personnel will then take a moment to set up your medical chart. This only takes a few minutes, but gives you the opportunity to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of water in our waiting room.

Once your chart is prepared, Amy or Diana will show you to a dressing room where you will be asked to change into a provided set of scrubs or gown. This room will be locked while you are being scanned offering a secure location to keep your personal belongings. When you are changed and ready, you will have a seat in our private back waiting room.

Our technologist will meet you in this room and will briefly review your medical history as it relates to your MRI visit. At this point, you will be taken into the MRI room. The technologist will position you in the machine in accordance with the test that your doctor has ordered. The tech will then return to her control room which is just outside of the magnet. A large window just below the 42 inch television that you will be watching allows you and the tech to be in constant view of one another during the test. An intercom system provides communication between the two of you as well. Additionally you will be provided with a button that can be pushed anytime to indicate a need. The most important assignment for you during the test is to remain as still as possible.  We know that this can be difficult as many patients are in pain, but our technologists will reassure you throughout the scan. An MRI scan can take anywhere from 20 minutes to one hour or more depending on the body part in question.

Once your test is complete, you are ready to go!